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The successful practice of personal injury law involves a specific area of law requiring advanced knowledge and experience. Some personal injury cases can be so complex that it would be irresponsible for attorneys without a certain level of know-how and grit to try and tackle on their own. In fact, attorneys are ethically bound to avoid working on a case that is beyond their background qualifications.

Under Rule 1.1 of the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct (MRPC), a lawyer owes a duty of competence to clients. When an attorney’s breach of this duty harms the legal rights of their client, the attorney may be liable for malpractice.

A lawyer’s duty of competence under Rule 1.1 of the MRPC includes:

  • Handling legal matters which a lawyer knows or should know they are not qualified to handle, without associating with a competent attorney;

  • Handling a legal matter without adequately preparing for it; or

  • Neglecting a legal matter entrusted to the attorney.

When a client needs an experienced personal injury attorney, their attorney has an ethical obligation to ensure that their client has competent representation. An attorney can discharge this duty if they associate with a more experienced lawyer.

"You are doing such a great job. You get all my class action referrals."

-Stuart E.

If you are looking for a way to satisfy your ethical duty to provide competent legal representation to your client by associating with a more experienced legal team, look no further than Oliver Law Group P.C. At our firm, we have years of experience to help ensure clients have effective legal counsel when it comes to personal injury matters. Your clients deserve excellent legal representation for their personal injury claims. A wise attorney will admit when a case would take them out of their element. When that happens, you can refer or associate your case with our skilled attorneys.

For more information about how Oliver Law Group P.C. can help make sure you satisfy your duty of competence.

Cases We Handle

At Oliver Law Group P.C., we have dedicated a significant part of our practice to representing injured plaintiffs in personal injury cases. With a proven track record for success, our legal team has the confidence, skill, and intimate understanding of personal injury practice to help make sure your client’s rights are properly protected.

We have experience handling the following cases:

Much of our practice requires us to litigate opposite large, powerful corporate businesses, including “Big Pharma” companies and major defense contractors like 3M. We have the confidence and experience to stand up against such corporate behemoths on behalf of wrongfully injured persons.

Refer Your Client to an Experienced Attorney from Oliver Law Group P.C.

If you are looking for a dedicated legal team to refer your client’s personal injury case, contact Oliver Law Group P.C. We take pride in delivering a skilled and sophisticated touch to handling personal injury cases. We aren’t intimidated by “big business” as we are prepared to stand toe-to-toe with powerful corporations who think they can get away with their wrongful conduct. Our legal team is dedicated to strenuously advocating for your legal rights, to help hold reckless corporate entities accountable for their indifference to consumer safety.

Contact Oliver Law Group P.C. to schedule a free consultation exploring the merits of your personal injuries claims today.