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Help Your Business Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic

Businesses big and small have suffered significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced most people to stay in their homes to protect their health and that of others. There is a glimmer of hope for some businesses, though: business interruption insurance. This unique form of insurance policy is meant to provide financial damages when a business closes its doors due to an unforeseeable disaster. The problem is insurance companies are not keen to pay business interruption insurance claims, especially with so many companies filing in such a short period of time.

If you need to file a business interruption insurance claim after your business in Southeast Michigan closed up shop for the coronavirus, let Oliver Law Group P.C. help you. We are a team of business law attorneys with an office in Troy who are on a mission to assist as many local businesses as possible. Dealing with your business insurance provider does not have to be intimidating – let us do all the talking and heavy lifting while you focus on yourself, your family, and other ways you can protect your business during the economic shutdown.

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What Does Business Interruption Insurance Cover?

The usual purpose of business interruption insurance is to provide damages when a natural disaster strikes a business. Everything from floods and tornadoes to earthquakes is typically covered in such an insurance policy. Coverage provided due to a widespread virus coupled with executive orders that require you to stop conducting business may be available under your business insurance policy.

However, many business interruption insurance policies do cover closures caused by a government or civil authority order. The shelter-in-place orders that have deemed most nonessential businesses unsafe to continue operations normally are civil authority orders and, as such, your business might be covered by the policy due to the coronavirus. Allow one of our lawyers to review your insurance policy today to determine your coverage and the best way to proceed if you do have a claim, or to file a lawsuit if you have been wrongfully denied coverage.

Benefits That Might Be Available to You

What Can Business Interruption Insurance Coverage Provide?

  • Income your business likely would have earned during the interruption had it been able to stay open.
  • Wages owed to your employees throughout the interruption.
  • Rent owed to your commercial landlord throughout the lockdown.
  • Expenses related to converting your business to a remote service operation, such as switching to selling products strictly online.

You might even be able to collect damages for the restoration of your property. The coronavirus might not physically damage your business, but its high threat of infection will require you to thoroughly sanitize and decontaminate your business when quarantine orders are listed. Cleaning all surfaces costs time and money, so it might be covered through your policy.

Insurance Companies Avoid Mass Payouts

Most businesses reasonably expect their insurance providers will evaluate their claims and provide owed coverage when the claim is valid. Why would your insurance provider want to deny, delay, or undervalue your claim if it is not justified? The answer lies in the fact that the coronavirus is essentially a natural disaster in that it has affected countless people in only a few short months.

When you need to file your business interruption insurance claim, there might be dozens or hundreds of other businesses in Troy doing the exact same thing. Faced with so many legitimate policies at once, all requiring payouts, dishonest insurance companies may resort to illegitimate methods to save their own bottom line.

Ensure Your Claim Stands Out & Stands a Chance

With so many business interruption claims being filed practically at once, it is crucial that your claim is made correctly so it does not get delayed or lost in the shuffle. Work with Oliver Law Group P.C. and our Troy business interruption attorneys to confidently create and file a claim if your business has been halted due to the coronavirus. In case you have already filed a claim and it was denied, we can help you challenge the denial, too. We are here to provide legal guidance and moral support when you need it more than ever before.

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