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Like all Americans, Michigan residents are entitled to certain civil and human rights, and they have the right to pursue compensation when those rights are violated. Unfortunately, entities committing human rights violations are often large government agencies, corporations, and other organizations with power and resources on their side. In order to stand up for your civil and human rights, you will need a compassionate attorney with experience in this complex legal field.

Our civil rights attorneys in Michigan are passionate and dedicated to pursuing justice on your behalf. We can thoroughly research your case, explore all of your legal options, and make sure that justice is achieved. We get results by focusing on your needs.

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How Do I Know if My Civil Rights Have Been Violated?

Civil rights are rights that guarantee a person's ability to freely participate in everyday life and politics. Government agencies and private organizations are prohibited by law from infringing upon your civil rights.

Some common civil rights cases include:

  • Discrimination based on a legally protected category: Race, gender, skin color, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, religion, or disability
  • Restriction of individual freedoms such as speech, expression, religion, assembly, and movement
  • Vote suppression and other interference with voting rights
  • Police misconduct such as illegal search and seizure, excessive force, police brutality, and wrongful imprisonment
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Employment rights and whistleblowing

    If you believe your civil rights have been violated, a competent civil rights attorney in Michigan can build you a case and fight for justice. Oliver Law Group P.C. offers free consultations during which we will listen to you and help you determine the best course of action.

    Human Rights Cases

    Oliver Law Group P.C. does handle cases involving violations of human rights, which are the general moral principles that inherently apply to all human beings regardless of nation, location, language, religion, or other status. These rights are protected by federal and international law. For instance, a human rights case might involve protecting the rights of refugees fleeing persecution in their home countries to seek asylum in the United States. Human rights law also includes cases dealing with slavery, human trafficking, and poverty.

    Fighting for Civil & Human Rights

    Whether you've been a victim of discrimination, sexual harassment, police misconduct, or vote suppression, you need to act quickly. Proving a civil rights violation often requires extensive research that should be started while the facts are still fresh in people's minds.

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