As our community mourns the senseless tragedy of the lives lost and shattered in the Oxford school shooting that took place, Oliver Law Group extends a hand to discuss any concerns or questions regarding holding those who can and should be held responsible. We are investigating civil lawsuits against the school administration, the shooter and his parents, and any other entity we find that failed the Oxford school students and families. We believe every Oxford school student and family may be able to bring a lawsuit for the Oxford school shooting, whether physically or emotionally affected. We support the prosecutor’s office in bringing criminal charges against all those responsible.

However, at Oliver Law Group we believe that the victims of the Oxford school shooting should also bring any and all civil lawsuits against any person or entity our investigation finds that can be held responsible for the Oxford school shooting. Filing a lawsuit is not simply a way to recover money for your losses, it is a way to send a message to anyone that can be held responsible for the Oxford school shooting that participating in or allowing this type of tragedy, whether intentionally or negligently, in school shooting incidents is going to cost any person or entity involved more than they can ever pay. Oliver Law Group believes that in doing so, the victims and community affected by the Oxford school shooting can bring change so that no other student, family, school, or community has to feel this kind of pain. Please reach out to us so that we can evaluate your Oxford school shooting claim today, or answer any legal questions or concerns you have about the Oxford school shooting tragedy.