Alyson Oliver

Attorney at Law
With more than two decades of experience, Alyson Oliver serves as the managing partner of Oliver Law Group P.C. Possessing an extensive track record of success for her clients both in and out of the courtroom, Alyson understands the importance of not only providing knowledgeable and reliable legal representation but doing it with the personal approach that each client deserves.

Cameron Bell

Attorney at Law
A firm believer in defending individuals against oppression by corporations and municipalities, attorney Cameron Bell works diligently on behalf of clients in matters involving personal injury (including class actions), criminal charges, and complex cases requiring expert witnesses. Cameron develops legal strategies that seek to put each client in a position to pursue the most favorable outcome available in their case.

Paul Matouka

Associate Attorney
With previous experience in different roles at firms involved with international arbitration, civil rights, and environmental cases, Paul Moutaka now serves as an associate attorney at Oliver Law Group P.C. With an eye toward helping individuals stand up for their rights when they have been wronged, Paul is an advocate in matters related to personal injury, civil rights, and more.

Joseph Hardy

Associate Attorney
Joseph handles multiple areas of law, including civil rights, housing, employment discrimination, and personal injury. Prior to joining the firm in 2021, Joseph worked as a Housing Fellow in a legal aid organization fighting evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thor Glenn

Legal Assistant & Office Manager
As a legal assistant and office manager at Oliver Law Group P.C., Thor Glenn handles a variety of tasks, including the drafting and filing of legal documents and client communications. Thor strives to keep clients updated and well-informed about their cases at every turn as keeping the lines of communication open between clients and their legal representation is the lifeblood of the firm.

Keelin Code

Legal Assistant & Office Administrator
Keelin Code is a legal assistant and office administrator at Oliver Law Group P.C., and has been in the legal field since 2017. She makes it her priority to assist clients and colleagues however she can.

Beth Hufnagel

As a Paralegal with previous experience in a wide range of tasks, Beth Hufnagel brings experience in legal research and in the drafting and filing of legal documents. Beth always makes sure that clients come first and she works hard to keep clients up to date on their cases.