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As a purchaser of products and services, you have certain legal rights: to be treated fairly, to be informed about the products you use, to pay fair prices, and to be protected from harassment. Sadly, many businesses use unscrupulous practices to take advantage of consumers who do not know their rights or lack the means to stand up for themselves. All too often, these companies are not held accountable for their actions.

Common types of consumer rights cases we handle include:

Call immediately if you were a victim of any of the above types of consumer fraud or you have questions and want to know if you have a case. Attorney Alyson Oliver of the Oliver Law Group, P.C. is a dynamic consumer rights lawyer with an innate ability to understand complex legal issues and explain them to clients and juries in clear, understandable language. Backed by extensive experience representing individuals, classes and the community at large, she handles each case with integrity, a creative approach and a focus on the client's best interests. 

Consumers may be in the right more often than not, but actually finding justice for victims of these and other unfair business practices can be difficult. The businesses involved have financial resources and extensive knowledge of their respective fields on their side. To fight for your rights as a consumer, you need an effective, experienced consumer rights attorney to take your case.

If you've been wronged by a business or debt collector, don't try to fight them alone. Contact us for a free consultation today and get an experienced attorney in your corner.

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Telemarketing Violations

Telemarketing companies use a variety of means to circumvent "Do Not Call" lists intended to protect consumers. If you have been contacted even after telling the callers to stop, you may be entitled to compensation. Don't put up with their harassment. Call Oliver Law Group and find out what we can do to help you get justice.

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Debt Collection

Many debt collectors use abusive, unfair or deceptive practices when attempting to collect debts, such as calling at unusual times, threatening to take actions that they cannot or will not actually take, communicating false credit information or attempting to collect amounts not permitted by law. These practices violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Michigan Collection Practices Act. You need an attorney with a comprehensive understanding of the state's laws and years of experience taking on companies with deep pockets. Choose Oliver Law Group.

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Auto Dealer Fraud

Because financing a vehicle is such a complicated transaction, fraud on the part of the dealer is quite common. For instance, a dealer might overcharge, commit odometer fraud, fail to show you the title or fail to settle financing before completing the sale. You don't have to take a financial hit because you dealt with a shady dealer. You can fight back with Alyson Oliver and her team in your corner. Call us today.

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Identity Theft

Over the past decade, the number of victims of identity theft has risen every year. False credit reporting can ruin your credit, make future purchases difficult or impossible, raise your insurance rates and even threaten your career. Fortunately, there are legal remedies for consumers who have had their identities stolen, but to take advantage of those remedies, you need an experienced attorney from our firm on your side. By connecting with Oliver Law Group, you will get honest and solid legal representation from an attorney focused on the needs of her clients. Call Alyson Oliver today.

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