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Justice for Those Who Have Been Sexually Abused by The Clergy & Priests Across Michigan

In 2018, Attorney General Dana Nessel began an ongoing investigation looking into the sexual abuse committed by Priests of Michigan’s seven Roman Catholic Dioceses (Diocese of Marquette, Diocese of Gaylord, Diocese of Saginaw, Diocese of Grand Rapids, Diocese of Kalamazoo, Diocese of Lansing, or the Archdiocese of Detroit). There are also reports involving abuse within the Baptist Church.  The sexual abuse dates back decades as over one-hundred priests and clergy have already been reported for abusing hundreds of victims; of abusing community members who believed in them. You may have a claim if you or loved one were sexually abused as a child or adult by a priest, church volunteer, or other member of the a Church. Contact Oliver Law Group today to see if you are eligible and help hold the church accountable.

New Legislation

A new bill is currently under review that would extend the statue of limitations in which people who have been harmed by sexual abuse can file a civil lawsuit against their assaulters. If passed as drafted, old cases and previously examined cases will be eligible for review. Survivors will have seven years after the connection of criminal sexual conduct was discovered or should have been discovered to file a civil claim. The current cutoff is only three years, and the cutoff for children who were abused to come forward is currently age twenty-eight. This bill would allow children who have been sexually abused by the church until age fifty-two to file. The Helping Survivors Organization outlines what qualifies as child sexual abuse on their website listing:

  • Rape or attempted rape

  • Sodomy or oral sex

  • Insertion of fingers or objects

  • Fondling or inappropriate touching

  • Being asked to expose or watching others expose themself

  • Being asked to masturbate or watching another masturbate

  • Being photographed or recorded while undressing

  • Being shown pornographic materials


Often, children do not report sexual abuse as the CDC estimates that “91% of childhood sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone the child knows”, and many children do not realize they were a victim of sexual abuse until adulthood, fearing their abusers while suppressing their feelings of guilt and shame (Helping Survivors, 2023). Knowing how many cases of sexual abuse are undocumented, it is easy to understand the amplification of perpetrator protection when said perpetrator is a well-respected member of society. A figure meant to represent the divine; the holy. When passed, this bill will give survivors the necessary time to process what has happened to them. Here at Oliver Law Group, we understand that realizing you have been sexually abused is only half the battle, having to come forward and speak against the church while processing your abuse can be overwhelming. Call Oliver Law Group today to let us handle the details of your case and acquire justice on your behalf. 

Did You Know?

Civil action can still be taken if your abuser is now deceased. Civil lawsuits are not only being filed against individual priests, but against the entirety of the catholic church to hold clergy and church leadership accountable for protecting abusers, failing to prevent, stop, and respond appropriately to the sexual abuse. Abusers do not have to be criminally convicted and may have even been found innocent in a previous criminal case. Civil action can still be pursued.