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With the amount of work that goes into running a business, from formation to payroll to contract issues and more, the number of legal issues and pitfalls surrounding a business is extraordinary. Business owners, both large and small, make countless decisions every day that affect the lives of their customers and employees, not to mention other businesses and the people who rely on them.

At Oliver Law Group, P.C., we're happy to help companies and employees navigate the legal issues surrounding the world of business. Attorney Alyson Oliver's passion, unique perspective and creative approach will be just what you need.

A business lawyer at our firm can handle all of the following cases:

Focused Personal Attention Through All Phases

Regardless of the nature of your case, our attorneys will listen to your specific circumstances, develop a plan and fight for your best interests with creativity and integrity.

When it comes to business law, the devil is truly in the details. We work closely with business owners to create an agreement that will achieve their legal goals, and we will fight tirelessly for the best interests of our clients.

Whether you are looking to form a new business, need help with the legal circumstances surrounding your existing business, or have been a victim of illegal business practices, don't hesitate. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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Antitrust litigation includes claims of anticompetitive business practices such as price fixing, market allocation, monopolization, price discrimination, refusals to deal, improper dealer terminations and information exchanges. Private and public challenges to mergers and acquisitions also fall under antitrust law. Let Alyson Oliver and her team fight for you.

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Class Action

Common in suits against large corporations, a class action allows a number of victims of the same business' misconduct to collect financial compensation and even drive industry reforms. Class action suits are common in cases of false advertising, product recalls, fraud, construction defects, harmful drugs, credit card security issues and financial scams. Because class action is such a specialized field of law, plaintiffs need an attorney with experience and expertise in this highly complex area of litigation.  Call Alyson Oliver today to arrange a consultation.

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Employers are expected to abide by certain standards of conduct with regard to their employees, but because of the power imbalance between employer and employee, abuse is common. The statutes surrounding employment are complex, but with an effective attorney, it's possible to navigate them and obtain compensation. Common employment-related cases include wrongful termination, discrimination, minimum wage and overtime violations, whistleblower retaliation and sexual harassment.  If you are looking for an employment law attorney with integrity and necessary experience, contact Oliver Law Group now.

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Financial Markets and Investor Fraud

Americans invest a huge portion of their assets into financial markets, and unfortunately, incidents of fraud are fairly common. Investors lose millions every year to fraud and schemes such as churning, margin trading, negligence, Ponzi schemes, asset allocation schemes, unauthorized trading and unsuitability. Fortunately, investors who lose assets due to illegal action are entitled to compensation under state and federal law. Attorney Alyson Oliver and her team can safeguard your interests.

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Formation and Dissolution

The legal issues surrounding the formation of a business are complex and can be highly confusing to people not well-versed in the relevant laws. For instance, new business owners need to choose whether to incorporate as a corporation, partnership, limited partnership, sole proprietorship, LLC or non-profit. Financing, licensing, tax implications, accounting and zoning are other legal issues to consider when a new business forms. Dissolving an existing business is similarly complex, with a wide range of forms to file at the federal, state and local level.  Whether you're trying to get a startup business off the ground or you want to breakup an existing venture, you need a comprehensive strategy. Oliver Law Group understands how entrepreneurs think and will help you reach your goal.

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Companies that do business with the federal government face an especially challenging set of legal issues. Our business attorneys understand the nuances of government contracts as well as laws concerning government contractors. With help from our attorneys, businesses can save time and money while bidding on and performing government contracts.

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Local Counsel

Business laws vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and because they change so frequently, it can be difficult for out-of-state attorneys to provide effective representation. Many out-of-state individuals and businesses facing litigation in Michigan find it helpful to retain our firm to provide local counsel. Our attorneys based in Troy can draft contracts that comply with state and local laws as well as conduct trials and appeals in state and local courts. Talk to us today to find out how we can help.

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With instances of identity theft rising every year, protecting private information is more important than ever. When businesses fail to adequately protect private data or improperly use personal information for profit, they can be held legally liable. Common privacy lawsuits concern data breaches, financial privacy, internet privacy, computer privacy and mobile device privacy. We bring trustworthiness and integrity, and provide the focus and attention you need to resolve your business matter.

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Real Estate

Real estate law includes some of the most important financial decisions people make in their lifetimes, such as buying and selling homes, businesses and other properties. In order to make sure these transactions are handled appropriately, the documents involved must comply with all acceptable state and federal laws. Real estate law also protects landlords and tenants from negligence and misconduct. We handle all types of residential and commercial transactions, including but not limited to, real estate title issues and closings. We represent buyers and sellers.

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