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How Does Accident Compensation Work in Michigan?
How Does Accident Compensation Work in Michigan?

In Michigan, there are more cars on the roads than ever. While this is a good boost for the economy, it's also an unfortunate boost for the number of auto accidents that happen per year. It's a situation that no one wants to be in, and is often one we avoid thinking about. ...

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  • Dealing with Auto Insurance Companies

    OUR ATTORNEYS WON’T DELAY YOUR RIGHT TO COMPENSATION You have insurance for a reason. The coverage you pay for is what you expect to be insured: ...

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  • Getting Your Medical Bills Paid

    MICHIGAN PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS ENSURE YOUR FINANCIAL SECURITY When you get into a car accident , you are in a state of shock for quite some time. ...

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  • What To Do After An Accident

    OUR ATTORNEYS CAN HELP YOU RECOVER, MENTALLY AND FINANCIALLY You never expect a collision. You’re a careful driver who behaves responsibly on the ...

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  • Keep Troy Trick-or-Treaters Safe This Halloween

    Halloween is an exciting time for children. Costumes, decorations, candy and pranks are all fun to enjoy, but it is also important to be aware of the ...

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